Juno is a small sushi bistro on Davie street near Yaletown with a picturesque view of Emery Barnes Park just across the street. The menu at Juno favours fresh, local ingredients and careful preparation over gargantuan proportions and volume more popularly found at discount sushi shops around town.

Inside is an intimate space with brick lined walls, large picture windows and seating for no more than a dozen and a half patrons.

Chirashi Sushi from Juno Bistro in Yaletown

The lunch menu at Juno is remarkably restrained with only 9 items that cover a wide range of options: from the Chicken Karaage, to Top Sirloin Beef Steak, roll combos to Nigiri Sushi. For hungrier patrons, you have the option to add a half roll of select sushi for $2 or 5 pieces of select Sashimi for $5 to your meal.

Red Tuna Sushi Bowl from Juno’s Tuna Lover Lunch Special

Case had the Tuna Lover lunch special, which arrives as tuna prepared two ways. The first is roughly chopped spicy tuna with fresh spring onions topped over a remarkably fluffy brown rice option. The second is beautiful cuts of fresh, red tuna sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Spicy Tuna Sushi Bowl from Juno’s Tuna Lover Lunch Special

I ordered the Chirashi Sushi, a beautiful bouquet of tuna, salmon, tako, ebi, hokki, tobiko and tamago garnished with hair thin daikon radish over a bed of expertly prepared sushi rice.

Owner and chef Jun Okamura is careful to use traditional techniques with the freshest ingredients to produce a simple, yet elegant lunch. Be sure to keep an eye out for daily and weekly lunch specials, when Okamura san crafts well-thought out, Japanese takes on modern dishes like their Loco Moco or Japanese style Fish and Chips.

Juno’s Tuna Lover Sushi Lunch Special

Our meal including taxes and tips came to just under $30, which isn’t the least expensive lunch option in Yaletown. However, Juno’s well crafted traditional and modern Japanese dishes make this a worthwhile regular lunch spot.

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