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What’s all the Hubbub, Bub? Well, if you make your way onto Hornby street just a block away from Robson, that Hubbub is sandwiches. The abandoned sports bar project turned sandwich shop dishes out torpedo like packages of protein, carb and veggies in a well manicured operation.

(Above: Hubbub sandwich served wrapped in butcher paper, with a side of chips in a tin bowl on a tin tray.)

Everything about Hubbub is polished, from the clean, minimal decor, to the painted on the the wall signage giving directions on how to order, to the presentation and packaging of the sandwiches themselves.

The menu is small: Pork, Turkey Sausage, Chicken Breast, Veggie and Prawn, plus a handful of sides and beverages.

(Above: What’s all the Hubbub, Bub?)

Case and I shared the Turkey sausage — a free-range, lightly spiced chorizo sourced from a local butcher. It arrived neatly packaged in a soft, yet firm baguette (not crispy mind you) meticulously layered with lettuce, onions, jalapenos and their secret sauce. Crispy BC grown potato chips served as our sandwich’s accompaniment.

(Above: Extreme close up of Hubbub’s Turkey Sausage sandy.)

Our chips and sandwich including tax and tip came to under $15. Hubbub certainly isn’t the most inexpensive meal around, but the portions are good — teetering from decent if you’re really hungry, to not quite enough if split between two people.

Perfect for: Downtown sandwiches made by folks who may or may not be artists.

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859 Hornby Street, Vancouver

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