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Bean Around the World in Yaletown is a coffee franchise run by a friendly South Asian couple. He’s got a cool English accent and if you’re a regular, he’ll already have your drink started as soon as you step in the door. The dining room is surprisingly spacious for a coffee shop and a bunch of couches surround a big, flat screen TV — which makes this the default guy’s hangout during soccer or hockey season. They’ve also been known to play cool 90’s hip hop like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul — you know, before Hip Hop started to suck.

Besides making a pretty solid Americano, Bean Around the World also serve soup and sandwiches for the lunch crowd. They have a sandwich called the “Soprano,” which is awesome because of the spicy italian meat and cheese on a baguette — and because it’s called the “Soprano”. The soups are generally pretty good as well. The soups and sandwiches can be a bit pricey — $7.50 for half a sandwich and a cup of soup —  but that’s pretty much on par for what you’d expect in Yaletown.

The big bonus is their exclusive Breakfast Samosa — scrambled eggs, green onions and potatoes lovingly wrapped in a lightly crunchy and flaky samosa. At $2.50 a pop, it’s the tastiest and cheapest breakfast in Yaletown.

If you’re looking for something healthier, they’ve got a good selection of muffins; and for your sweet tooth, they sell cookies the size of your head.

I spend way too much time here, and you might too.

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1002 Mainland Street, Vancouver

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