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Back in the days, my boys and I would occasionally need to seek out some late night sustenance. That search would often lead us to Top’s, a 24 hour diner serving a mix of Greek, Italian and classic dinner cuisine. During the smoking ban transition, it was one of the few places you could still sneak in some smokes; getting by with a ghetto ash try (aka an empty pop can). This had mass appeal for droves of delinquent teens and college kids who would saunter in bleary-eyed at two in the morning suffering from post-clubbing munchies.

Top’s has been smoke-free for a long while — but the same type of crowd can be seen at any given late night. Case and I used to come here when we were much more nocturnal. It’s kind of an old-school restaurant — family run. In the back, you might see an Asian chef’s head peak out and holler out an order is up. The restaurant is split at two ends at the entrance and is largely furnished with big, comfortable booths.

We’ve since graduated from the burger platters — which were awesome, by the way — to dishes like roasted lamb shoulder and humus and pita. The lamb dish is quite large, so Case and I share that. I wouldn’t say any of the dishes were outstanding or spectacular, but there’s something home cooked and comforting about them. The lamb practically falls of the bones, it’s so tender. It comes with rice and and roasted potatoes and the tzatziki sauce is nice and creamy; perfect with a pint of whatever beer they happen to have on tap that night.

The easy-going atmosphere, spacious dining room and comforting food makes Top’s a perfect late night joint for a relaxing and unpretentious meal.

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2790 Kingsway, Vancouver

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