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Top Shanghai Cuisine is a regional Chinese restaurant located in Ackroyd Plaza next to a Save-on-Foods in Richmond. The gaudy green signage screams out the restaurant’s name bilingually, while backlit, oversized beauty shots of the food attempt to seduce passer-bys in the front window.

(Above: The Famed Xiao Long Bao — Shanghai Dumplings.)

Case and I were flippantly greeted and eventually motioned by one of the staff to a six seater table. Like most Chinese restaurants, the majority of tables here are family style and are meant to seat larger parties, so Case and I awkwardly shuffled to one side of the table leaving a gaping hole where more diners would otherwise sit.

(Above: Northern Style Wontons in Soup.)

As we perused the largish menu, we glanced over periodically at the open window at the front of the restaurant where two ladies in smocks and headwear were hard at work (presumably hand making all those famous Shanghai dumplings). We settled on a few dishes to share so we could try out a range of food, starting with the stir fried pea tips. Nothing too surprising here. However, the pea tips were skillfully stir fried, tender and nicely seasoned, but still had some crunch.

(Above: Stir-Fried Pea Tips)

Next were the famed Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai dumplings), which arrived in a tin steaming tray looking less than spectacular. Despite the bland appearance, they were delicious. The skin looked bloated and thick, but was delicate and drooped from the weight of the soup as they were picked up.

The dumplings were followed by Northern style wontons in soup: a finely minced assortment of veggies and pork were delicately folded (looking more like tortellinis than balls) in hand made rice wrappers and cooked perfectly, served in a mildly seasoned broth.

(Above: Eight Treasures Glutinous Rice Dessert.)

Our meal was finished off with glutinous rice dessert topped with eight treasures of candied fruit and various sweetened beans. They sort of cheated here using bottled preserved fruit, but the dish was otherwise tasty.

Our meal came to a respectable $35 including taxes and tips. The staff was generally indifferent to our presence, talking loudly amongst themselves (one was even sneaking a nap behind one of the larger banquet tables). If you’re in the mood, Top Shanghai makes a good stop for Shanghainese cuisine.

Perfect for: experiencing Shanghai — good food and sloppy service.

The Details:

8100 Ackroyd Road, Richmond

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