Shiro’s on Cambie Street is a sushi restaurant serving some of the freshest fish around. It is located in a mini plaza next to a rundown salon. It’s nothing fancy to look at, but people flock here for the sushi not the decor.

Tre and I ordered a symphony of sushi: Toro, Tako, Saba, Tamago, Tobiko, Uni, Gyoza and a couple rolls for good measure: California and a BC Roll. The sushi was awesome. The Toro, aka tuna belly, was buttery and practically melted in your mouth. The Tamago was very good: large pieces of homemade sweet egg cake that was soft and not overly sweet. There was no food coloring added to the egg, so it lacked the signature glowing, sun bright yellow hue. At first, I was taken aback because the Tamago looked suspicious — but looks can be deceiving because it was one of the best made Tamago around. Tre really enjoyed the Saba (Mackeral), which is usually bitter and oily, but was perfectly prepared at Shiro’s without a hint of bitterness.

(Clockwise: 1. The old West Coast standby, Gordo & Arnie: i.e. BC and California rolls. 2. Tobiko and Uni 3. Soft-as-butter Toro.)

The rolls, however, could have used some work. The seaweed was a bit tough to eat, but the flavour of the BC Roll was bang on. The sushi was outstanding, which probably explains Shiro’s popularity (it was starting to get packed in the tiny dining room and a small line up was beginning to form). The sushi was made perfectly bite size, with the right amount of rice and fish, not the typical tiny sliver of fish sitting on top a mountain of rice you expect to be served at most restaurants.

(1. Taking a cue from McDonald’s and Cracker Jack, our meal comes with a prize.)

Our meal came to just over $35 with tax and tip. The meal was awesome, and the staff friendly. We also got a surprise bonus when the bill arrived. Instead of the typical chocolate or mint with the bill, we were presented with a pack of chocolate Pocky sticks. I’m not the biggest fan of Pocky, but that was cool. Before we left, all the waitresses lined up and said good bye to us. We thought that was a pretty cute gesture, if not slightly embarrassing at the same time, but a nice way to end our dinner.

Perfect for: Good, straight up sushi.

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3096 Cambie St, Vancouver

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