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Sea Monstr (with the “e” purposefully dropped like it was a hot Silicon Valley startup) Sushi is Gastown’s answer to a dearth of sushi spots. This could easily become the hipster spot that’s high on vibe and branding and low on delivering actual sushi. Is this hype, or can one find decent sushi in Gassy Jack’s hood?

Inside, we’re immediately struck with the new and old — slick, minimal blacks juxtaposed with earthy, faded woods. A sushi bar that seats about a dozen people runs the length of the narrow restaurant and spills out to the back with a few high-top tables. It’s cozy.

(Above: A Sea Monstr Original — Anchovy Potato Salad.)

The menu is small, not overly ambitious. Familiar staples like the classic rolls, or standard Nigiri are offered amongst the occasional surprises. A daily fresh sheet accompanies the regular menu with seasonally available fish — a good sign.

Case and I started with one of the surprises — Sea Monstr’s Anchovy Potato Salad. It’s exactly as it sounds: a fresh potato salad, more mashed than not, beautifully flavoured with chopped anchovies.

(Top to bottom: Nigiri Toro and Aji Mackeral. 2. Seasonal House Roll — a Dynamite with a twist.)

The nigiri is tightly packed, nicely cooked rice topped with a proportionately sized fish. The toro was butter soft, and the daily special of Aji Mackeral was fresh, with a distinctive hint of its natural oiliness.

We also had one of their seasonal rolls, a twist on the Dynamite with sprouts and a hit of spice. Nothing special, but decent.

(Above: Kicking it old school, Sea Monstr’s decor adds a touch of historical Gastown vibe.)

Our meal came in respectably under $30 including taxes and tips. Not the most inexpensive sushi joint, but Sea Monstr delivers some solid sushi for Gastown citizens, regardless of your hipsterness.

Perfect for: sushi in Gastown — or a place to buy and sell a vowels.

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A – 55 Powell Street, Vancouver

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