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Nando's Chicken

If you have the craving for barbeque chicken and are (a) too lazy to barbeque or (b) inundated with enough frost to prevent you from being outside for more than 60 seconds at a time without losing an appendage, might I recommend Nando’s. It’s fast food that doesn’t suck. Nando’s serves Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken marinated in lemons and herbs — and for those that want a kick in the pants: the infamous Peri Peri sauce, which comes in varying levels of hotness.
Nando's Chicken

The food at Nando’s is simple. You take a dozen chicken wings; baste them; skewer them; and throw them onto an open flame to grill. Serve it up with a side of competently prepared fries and you have yourself a decent meal to go. One Nando’s menu item you won’t likely find at your typical chicken joint, however, is chicken livers. It’s simmered in a wonderfully seasoned stew and served with a Portuguese Bun to sop up all that garlicky goodness. Beats a bucket-full-of-poultry any day.

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4334 Kingsway, Burnaby

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