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Some of us have had to experience the pains of wisdom tooth extraction, followed by a period of not being able to eat anything. Tre and I have been luckier than most. We’ve been able to eat fairly quickly after the surgery, and I mean literally–right after. Though my cheeks were swollen like a chipmunk, I wanted to eat something that didn’t require chewing and was tasty. It had to keep my tummy satisfied at the same time. Tre and I have passed by Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House many times, but haven’t really been in the mood for something soupy. Tre decided that now was the right time to try this place out, so we decided to do take out.

We ordered the fish slice congee (rice flavoured porridge with fish), and the Buddha Vegetables. The fish slice congee was one of the best we’ve had, despite the fact that whoever packed the food wasn’t too bright. When we got home, some of our soup and veggies had spilled over in the bag.

The fish tasted fresh, not frozen and the rice broth was seasoned just right with thinly sliced slivers of ginger. The Buddha Veggies were awesome! Very tasty, the sauce and seasoning was great. We liked the different variety of textures in the veggies. I couldn’t chew, so I just swallowed the pieces whole, like a fish. I don’t usually do this, but I hadn’t eaten for ten hours prior and I was getting the shakes.

The ambience here is nothing special. It was typical of a Chinese noodle house, slightly dimmer and maybe a little cleaner. We’ve since become regulars and have tried more dishes. I recommend: the noodle soups, congees, and the sliced beef and tomato rice dish. I love beef and tomato, it’s a classic dish. I can usually tell how good the food at a Chinese restaurant is going to be by how well this dish is made. And this is the best one so far! The beef is very tender and the tomatoes are firm, not mushy. The flavoring is great, not too sweet and the gelatin-like texture is perfect. I only have one complaint– they’re kind of stingy with the rice that comes with it. You have to pay extra, but I’m okay with that.

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3163 Main Street, Vancouver BC

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