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Golden Oscar Cafe and Restaurant is a Hong Kong style cafe located in a small plaza next to a little Caesar’s Pizza in Vancouver’s Collingwood neighbourhood. They serve the familiar mashup of Chinese greasy spoon dishes and Asian interpretations of Western staples like pastas and mixed grills.

(Above: Shrimp toast with a side of fruit salad.)

Golden Oscar is a head scratcher. It’s probably the first Hong Kong style cafe we’ve come across — in Vancouver, at least — that makes an attempt at a themed restaurant, and a half hearted one at that. The only indication of this theme is the awkward name and small images of Hollywood stars that line the wall.

Case and I recalled the shrimp toast appetizer was pretty tasty, so we ordered that. What arrived was two anemic pieces of dried toast with a smidgeon of shrimp cowering inside a blanket of breading. It was served with a giant heaping of mayonnaise drenched fruit salad to justify the $6.50 price tag.

(Above: Braised fish with tofu and vegetables.)

Braised fish with tofu, mushroom and vegetables followed, which probably should have arrived in a hot pot rather than simply dumped on a plate over a bed of soggy lettuce to artificially increase the dish’s volume. The fish and vegetables were decent, but the dollar shaped tofu stood out as the best part of this dish.

One appetizer and an entree with some rice came to over $22 including taxes and tips. The service was exceedingly slow (our dishes took over 30 minutes) and half the wait staff was taking their break in the dining room among the customers. We recommend skipping the Oscars and just head to the after party — anywhere else.

Perfect for: a good laugh.

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3868 Rupert Street, Vancouver

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