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Ebisu on West Broadway belongs to the family of Kamei Enterprise restaurants including Kamei Royale and Daimasu. This location used to be simply Kamei Royale — remnants of the previous decor are maintained throughout at Ebisu. The atmosphere is more upscale but the prices are reasonable. The sushi is fresh and the robatas are tasty.

Ebisu feels more like a large bar or lounge with dark colors throughout the restaurant and dim, moody lighting. The sushi chefs holler out as we walked in and a friendly hostess greeted us at the front. We were seated in our own secluded table that had its own half height walls, which gave us a bit of privacy.

(Clockwise: 1. Chicken Yakitori and Chicken Gizzards. 2. Various Nigiri Sushi. 3. Various Maki Sushi.)

We ordered a couple of skewers of chicken gizzards, chicken yakitori, and one of those gimmicky sushi boats. The boats are a bit corny, but if it can save us a few bucks, then I’m all for it. Our sashmi and sushi boat included: salmon, tuna, hokkigai, tako, ebi, chopped scallop roll, california roll and dynamite roll.

The robatas came first and were delicious. The gizzards and chicken were seasoned nicely and had a nice glaze from the mirin. The sashmi was very fresh — surprisingly. The salmon was soft and had a buttery texture. I don’t usually like salmon sushi and much prefer tuna, but Ebisu’s salmon was darn good. The tuna was also buttery and Tre found the tako (octopus) and chopped scallop roll to be yummy as well. The other rolls were decent, but nothing special.

Our bill including taxes and tips came to just under $40. The food and service at Ebisu is better compared to when it was simply Kamei Royale. We still prefer the smaller sushi joints, but if you’re ever in the Fairview area, Ebisu on West Broadway is worth a try.

Perfect For: Grilled meat on a stick and raw fish on a boat served in a lounge-y type atmosphere.

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B16 601 West Broadway, Vancouver

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