DinnerD Roti Shak


New Westminster’s D Roti Shak is among a small handful of Caribbean restaurants in the Metro Vancouver area. This Trinidadian outfit serves up uniquely West Indian dishes less familiar to the West Coast including such island treats as Doubles, Phulourie and their namesake dish: the Roti.

Located on a strip where Kingsway transforms to 12th Street in New Westminster, D Roti Shak sits unassumingly surrounded by a scattering of low-rise apartments and random markets and shops. Inside, a bit of Caribbean vibe is found splashed upon the walls with bright shades of yellows, greens and reds.


Service here is at the counter where you order from the menu hanging behind and specials scrawled up front, before settling down or, as it seems in many cases, awaiting for take out.

The East Indian influence in Trinidadian food is evident in the ingredients and names of the dishes. Their signature Roti is Dhalpurie: a soft flatbread with a layer of ground peas and a blend of seasonings. It’s stuffed with lightly curried mushed potatoes and your choice of protein: chicken, shrimp, beef, goat or straight veggies. The chicken and beef are decent, but the goat stands outs the protein of choice with a deeper, richer curry — beware the bones though, which can make for a hazardous meal if you’re unaccustomed to navigating the nooks and crannies of bone-on protein.


More familiar items on the menu include the stewed curries served over rice and beans: hearty, comforting and flavourful. Or ask about their rotating specials, like the Oxtail: supremely tender, stewed oxtail served over a bed of rice and beans. This is a stand out dish that really should find a place on their regular menu.


We’ve yet to try their other signature dishes like Doubles (bread rounds filled with chickpeas) or Phulourie (fried balls of split pea flour). All the more reason for some return visits.

On average, a generously portioned roti or rice and bean dish runs anywhere between $10 and $13. A couple things to keep in mind: The restaurant looks perpetually (and deceptively) empty, which is punctuated by the occasional swarming by large parties, or by a steady stream of take out orders; and expect a decent wait — it’s a skeleton crew operating on island time complete with a relaxed, chilled and friendly vibe.

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