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Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge Patisserie on Main Street serves up a variety of desserts decked out in a boudoir-like atmosphere and a mish mash of early 19th century vibe. The dessert house is draped in deep, fiery red walls, wooden tables are scattered about, and old-time photographs and artwork pepper the walls. The decor at Sweet Revenge Patisserie is cute and quaint. The service, on the other, not so much.

Tre and I arrived during the evening on a weekend not expecting to get a table right away. But lucky for us there were two empty spots waiting to be filled. We stood at the door for about 10 minutes waiting to be seated. The host was behind the counter attending to something else, glanced at us, and went back to whatever he was doing. The lone waiter was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He eventually came and seated us. I was initially excited to sink my teeth into some yummy sweet goods, but was completely turned off by the lack of service. It was hot inside with no air circulation. Did I mention this place is small? Like, downtown condo small. But I remained optimistic the desserts would turn things around.

Sweet Revenge
(Clockwise: 1. Some sexy lights. 2. Nice teacups. 3. Sexy, lacey doilies.)

Tre and I ordered a slice of cake to share. The Smooth Operator — unlike the classic 80’s song by Sade which is definitely smooth — this rendition is a chocolate sponge cake layered with mascarpone cheese, icing, fresh raspberries topped with white chocolate shavings and drizzled with raspberry coulis. To accompany our slice of decadence, we ordered a couple cups of tea. Earl Grey for moi, and a London Fog for Tre.

Sadly, the teas were nothing special. Tre’s London Fog was a disappointment: a mixture of flavourless tea and milk. My Earl Grey was nothing special and was light in flavour. Our Smooth Operator was okay at best. It tasted similar to a supermarket Black Forest cake that had been left uncovered in the refrigerator. For just under $10 a slice, we expected better — much better.

I was glad to leave Sweet Revenge’s stuffy dining room to get some fresh air. I had high hopes that Sweet Revenge Patisserie would become our new sweet spot to get our fix — but I think not. One thing I did like, though, was their gold trimmed tea cups, which were pretty dope.

Perfect for: A glimpse into the past. And very nice tea cups.

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4160 Main Street, Vancouver

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