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Cherry's Tea & Icy Bar

Cherry’s Tea & Icy Bar is located in the Crystal Mall food court, just a couple doors down from Huaxi Noodle Specialist. As their name suggests, they serve bubble tea, various shaved ice concoctions, and tofu desserts with your choice of toppings.

After Tre and I enjoyed our spicy beef noodle soup from Huaxi, I wanted something light and sweet to balance the high sodium and fiery heat. I ordered a bowl of hot, sweet tofu and red beans: the silky tofu is soaking in light syrup topped with red beans for added sweetness and texture. The bowl was a generous size — enough for two — with equal parts tofu and red beans and just the right amount of sweetness.

The tofu dessert was only $3.50. Other customers were ordering shaved ice with loads of toppings served in a plastic, Slurpee-like cup for just under $4. They even serve bubble tea if you’re still into that.

Perfect for: a complete food court meal, dinner… and dessert all in one convenient location.

The Details

Crystal Mall
2123-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby

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