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Yummy Wonton House

After recovering from the flu and being able to eat solids again, I had one thing on my mind — Dim Sum. However, the idea of waking up early in the morning and getting ready to battle through the crowds and service just to get Dim Sum is not my idea of a thrilling time. But I had a craving, so we decided to head on over to one of our friends’ restaurant way out in the burbs –Delta/Surrey — not exactly a city known for having decent Chinese restaurants.

[Disclaimer: The owners are friends, so take this review as you want. We’d like to think that we’ve been perfectly honest with them, but for the sake of transparency we want to make that clear.]

Yummy Wonton House sits in a corner of a strip mall next to many South Asian establishments. A neon sign flashes above the restaurant signage. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside, but on the inside is huge and feels more like a banquet style restaurant then a wonton house. Burgundy colors are used as accents throughout. The decor is a bit sparse, but our friends tell us the restaurant was previously a buffet and is still in the process of being updated.

Yummy Wonton House

Our friends took care of the ordering… of a lot of  dishes: Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) Sui Mai (pork dumplings) beef rice rolls, deep fried sweet pork dumplings, pork radish pastry rolls, sesame balls and mango pudding.

When the food arrives, we dig in. The Har Gow are a bit small, but was delicious: pieces of shrimp wrapped with a thin layer of dough. The Sui Mai was likely the best I’ve had: I could taste garlic in every bite, and it made the Sui Mai very flavorful. One item we haven’t really had before was a pork radish pastry roll, which was light and flakey and really tasty and reminded me of a stuffed croissant. The presentation of the beef rice rolls wasn’t too exciting, but the flavours were good and the portions generous. The sesame balls, however, were a bit over done to my liking. My girlfriend insisted we try the mango pudding: freshly made in house with ice cream with and actual pieces of mango. The mango pudding was yummy, not overly sweet with a nice texture.

Yummy Wonton House

At just under $4 a item, it’s not the cheapest dim sum around, but the flavour and portions are good. Check out some other reviews for a second opinion. At the very least, we know Delta has a decent Chinese restaurant. Now, I just have to ask  — what’s up with the neon sign?

Perfect For: solid Chinese food in South Surrey / Delta.

The Details:

8677 120th street, Delta

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