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Westview Oriental Restaurant

Tre and I met with my dad for dim sum at the Westview Oriental Restaurant in North Vancouver. I’ve been here before in the past, but couldn’t remember what the food was like. Which usually means it wasn’t all that memorable. So, this time around, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

Westview Oriental Restaurant isn’t like the typical Chinese restaurant. It’s pretty clean for one thing. But then again I haven’t used their washrooms, so I can’t say for sure. They appear to cater to a mostly non-Asian clientele. There’s no crowds, no shouting and no shoving. The people are polite and the staff are attentive. Normally, you have to be prepared to battle it out for dim sum. But here, the pace is slow and steady. At first I, thought the food might be bland, since the environment was so sterile. With a dated and generic name like Westview Oriental, it sounded blah. Luckily the food isn’t.

We ordered a bunch of dishes: steamed barbeque pork buns, chicken feet, deep fried sweet dumplings with minced meat, shrimp dumplings, deep fried spring rolls, egg tarts, and pan fried chive dumplings. All the dishes were pretty good, except the egg tarts which was overly greasy and the pastry texture was mushy. It didn’t taste fully baked. I’m not usually a fan of spring rolls; I find them greasy and uninteresting. But to my surprise their spring rolls were pretty good. They were incredibly light and crispy, and not the least bit greasy.

We were pleasantly surprised by our experience at Westview Oriental. The service is decent, and we’d definitely return if we’re in the neighborhood. Price wise, it isn’t the cheapest for dim sum. But that’s okay, if it means better quality food and better service.

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#108-2609 Westview Drive, North Vancouver

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