BreakfastNuba at Waldorf Hotel

!Some development drama has lead to the closing of the Waldorf, including Nuba at the Waldorf as of January, 2012.

There’s a hangover party in East Vancouver every weekend. And it’s being held by Nuba at the Waldorf. Inside the Tiki inspired dining room, the kitchen of modern Lebanese restaurant Nuba is serving up a brunch Mexicana at what they call Desayuno! Confused yet? We were.

(Top to bottom: 1. The Tiki-inspired Dining Room at Nuba. 2.  A doubled-up Portugese Bun Baked with Black Beans and Melted Cheese.)

Case and I had a hankering for some Nuba and wanted to check out what all the commotion was at one of its newest locations at the Waldorf. Turns out that commotion was the sound of a raucous Mariachi trio serenading diners as they ate.

We couldn’t have been more confused (imagine if we actually had a hangover). Nevertheless, we decided to play along and ordered up some coffee to ensure we were sufficiently awake before proceeding.

(Above: The morning’s entertainment courtesy of Los Dorados Mariachi band. Ole.)

Case ordered some Mexican Hotcakes. They were nice, fluffy, delicious and comforting.  They were everything but Mexican. Perhaps it was the sauces and sides that made it Mexican: Cajeta (caramelized condensed milk), La Lechera (straight up condensed milk), maple syrup (not so Mexican) and a side of bananas (sort of Mexican).

I had a doubled up version of their Molletes, a baked Portuguese bun topped with black beans and drenched in melted cheese. The buns were light and crispy, while the beans and cheese rich and flavourful.

(Above: 1. Mexican Hotcakes? 2. A trio of sauces: Cajeta, La Lechara and Maple Syrup.)

Our meal came to under $35 including taxes and tips and two unlimited refill coffees. Quite reasonable if you factor in the entertainment. Service was definitely a bit on the slower side — there appeared to be a bit a confusion between the kitchen and the wait stuff. The food wasn’t the most mind blowing, but the overall experience was just — fun — a really nice way to start the weekend.

Perfect for: carrying on last nights festivities into the next morning.

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1489 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

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