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It’s a Sunday morning and I’m having dim sum with my mother in-law and family. It’s the morning after the spring ahead time change and our bodies haven’t quite adjusted to the loss of an hour. You would think with the time change it might not be quite as busy but this place was a packed house. Asians love to eat and it’s a great time for families to get together and socialize.

Dai Tung is one of our favourite spots for dim sum. The flavours are great and the prices are reasonable (average dish is about $2.50). One thing you need to prepare for, however, is the wait. They don’t take reservations, and their numbered waiting system consists of chicken scratch on the backs of recycled receipt paper — and only if you muster enough courage to brave the sea of bodies to make it up to the hostess counter, which is usually unoccupied for minutes at a time.

Once we were finally seated, we were immediately greeted by a cart full of treats. Yes, Dai Tung is a real Dim Sum joint — they still cart their food around shouting out their wares amongst the din of chatter and dishes. We ended up ordering quite a bit. We started off with the shrimp dumplings, which I like because they’re not doughy and you get a decent helping of actual shrimp. We also ordered beef tripe, my personal favourite — please don’t knock it until you try it — you’ll be amazed what Chinese people can do with the lowest cuts of meat. And of course egg tarts — another one of my favourites. I was delighted they had them since they often sell out quickly.

Despite the long wait prior to being seated, the service is relatively quick. Once we were finished our meal, we could tell that the growing swarm of overly anxious people peering over us in the waiting area were already eyeing our still occupied table. You get used to that. And the crowds are usually a good indication of a good dim sum joint — great eats and interesting people.

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1022 Kingsway, Vancouver

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