Noshwell is the dining journal of Tre and Case, a pair of born and bred Vancouverites keeping a tally on worthwhile (and some not so) restaurants to eat. We’re not professional food critics, nor do we have a particularly generous dining budget; we write from a diner’s perspective.

You’re less likely to find a review of the hottest up and coming restaurant and more likely to read our thoughts on some good beef noodle soup, essential breakfast spots, a little food cart hopping, or some small plate specialists perfect for sharing friends and memories, because really — that’s why we love to eat.

The Somewhat Dubiousâ„¢ Rating System

Our highly unscientific and completely subjective rating system is suspicious at best. It’s the internet. Try not to take it too seriously.

5 Star — Awesome. Would recommend to friends, family & strangers.
4 Star — Great. Good for repeat visits.
3 Star — Good. Worth trying, but not spectacular.
2 Star — Not good. Best reserved as a backup plan.
1 Star — No. Just no.


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